Join LE PTO:


We understand that the ability to volunteer can change with busy schedules. Your input and knowledge is valuable to achieving the goals of the organization. We welcome you to be part of enhancing education in our school. By joining LEPTO, you become a voting member that can help make decisions about how funds are used at Lakeport Elementary School. You are not required to attend meetings, though you are welcome to attend at anytime. Please click the link above to use our online Membership Form.

Annual Membership Drive:

August 10th – September 28th the LE PTO runs our Annual Membership Drive! During this event, $10 family memberships are collected for the school year. All funds riased during the Membership Drive goes directly toward the PTO field trip fund! That’s not all! Every family’s membership that is received before September 28th, enters their student(s) into a raffle for a chance to win fun prizes! Classes with the most memberships during the drive, will earn a special class party!

About Membership:

In accordance with LEPTO Bylaws – adopted February 2017:

  1. Voting members of the LEPTO include the following:
    1. Any parent, guardian, direct relative or other person standing on behalf of a child currently enrolled in Lakeport Elementary School and has paid his/her Annual membership dues, determined by vote of the Executive Board and not less than one (1) dollar per member.
    2. Teachers and staff of Lakeport Elementary School.
    3. Lakeport PTO Executive Board Members, excluding the LEPTO President and Principal
    4. Only those members present at the monthly General Membership meeting.
  2. Each voting member has the right to one vote.
  3. Each voting member has the right to propose motions.
  4. Motions are passed by a simple majority vote.
  5. Amendments to approved by-laws shall be presented to/at the LEPTO General Membership monthly meeting. Proposed amendments will be voted on/adopted, with a simple majority vote of those members present at the LEPTO General Membership monthly meeting.